Brushvale Seed, Inc.

Mission Statement

There are few things more valued in business, especially when it pertains to supplying identity-preserved food grade crops. You want to deal with customers and growers interested in long term relationships – People that can be trusted to deliver high quality products


Kelly, Casey, and Jon Miller, owners of Brushvale Seed, Inc., are third generation farmers. Their entrepreneurial spirit has inspired them to successfully grow their farming operation, operate commercial grain handling facilities and trucking companies, and operate Brushvale Seed, Inc., the facility that for the past 35 years has processed and packaged the identity-preserved food grade crops produced on their farms.

Our next generation of Millers are transitioning into the business.


Brushvale Seed, Inc. is dedicated to the production and processing of identity-preserved, food grade crops of world-class quality. Brushvale Soy Products, LLC produces and processes world-class quality, identity-preserved, food-grade crops for customers throughout the world.