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Superior Products

natto, soymilk, tofu, miso, etc.

World Class Processing

We believe a great product starts with superior genetics and managed production – but great processing can make it world class.

Direct to You

Your Success depends on a world-class food product, which Brushvale Soy Products, LLC helps you achieve. Our unique approach to production, processing, and packaging includes:

Planting only non-GMO crops
Extraordinary measures to ensure non-GMO product purity
Total control of the production process
Focus on purity in every phase
Detailed documentation of every step
Ability to trace a final product back to a specific farm
Handling and management of harvest
Storing and monitoring every bushel in our own facilities
Precise packaging and shipping to customers around the world

We are an independent, family-owned company. The Miller family, founders and owners of Brushvale Soy Products, LLC, has grown and perfected our processes for nearly 40 years and four generations.