Research and Development


Brushvale Seed, Inc. is a family-owned company dedicated to the production and processing of identity preserved, non-GMO soybeans. We have been exporting for over 35 years and have maintained long standing relationships with many manufacturers by taking extraordinary measures to provide high quality, food grade soybeans. From the seeds we plant to every food grade product that we package, we control and document every step in an identity preserved process, allowing us complete traceability.

Research & Development

Our soybean varieties are specifically bred for superior food quality and agronomic traits through traditional plant breeding methods.  We evaluate numerous soybean varieties each year to ensure that we are providing top yield and disease resistance varieties to our growers. Our breeding program puts an extra emphasis on value-added food grade traits, while closely collaborating with our soy food manufacturers to advance varieties that meet their specific needs.

By supplying our growers with proprietary seed and supporting them throughout production, Brushvale Seed, Inc. is able to sustain overall quality and deliver a world-class product to our customers.